Some thoughts on this course and open source

During the session last week, Gary asked us to write something on how we feel about open source. Well, the good thing about open source is that every successes and obstacles are shared by everyone in the community. The experience so far has been great, it was quite tough at the beginning (actually it is also quite tough now). I really learned a lot of new technical skills from the sessions that we’ve had so far.

Students don’t always get a chance to be involved in or exposed to big software engineering projects in school. But I am glad that I got this chance to understand the bigger picture of software development. It was made possible, simply because of ‘open source’. What do I want to achieve at the end of the course? My first priority is to be able to complete the project that I am working on by the end of the course. I hope the extension that I am working on can be useful to people who use it. Learning as many things as I can is also something that I wish to achieve.

Gary also showed us some videos on concept series labs. The Aurora concept shows that a browser can actually be expanded to do more things that simply browsing. Users can interact with each other by using the browser.  I think the Aurora concept is cool. There are more things that we can do with browsing. But the more it can do, there will be higher learning curve for the users in order to be able to make full use of them.

The bookmarking and history concept video provides an enhancement to the conventional functionality that a browser has. It enhances the interface of the browser and makes it more convenient for the user to do certain tasks. It definitely will facilitate users in searching for bookmarks and histories.


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