Some progress and some difficulties

I have managed to hook the extra option into the ‘right click’ menu. Below is the screenshot.

I referred to the code of Ubiquity in checking which context was being clicked on. I managed to filter the case such that the option only appears when a text field is being clicked on by using document.popupNode.onTextInput. I also found an example in mozilla documentation that can check whether an image is being clicked on by using instanceof Components.interfaces.nsIImageLoadingContent.

I have been trying to search for a similar example to check for a password field, but I couldn’t find one. I checked out a few websites using DOMinspector  and noticed that the ‘type’ for the password field is usually “password”,  so I used this as one of the condition to determine whether the option should be disabled.

var passValue = document.popupNode.value;
var isHidden = ! (gContextMenu.isContentSelection() || gContextMenu.onTextInput);
var isDisabled = !(type == “password” && passValue);

One possible problem is that the option will be enabled whenever there is value in the password field, i.e it is not empty. Previously, I had wanted to enable it only when there is a password saved on this webpage. But I haven’t been able to do that. Not sure if this is a good way to do it. Please feel free to point out to me if there is a better way.

I have been looking at the passwordmanager related code in the /toolkit/component. As expected, they are not easy to understand. I managed to find a related XPCOM interface nsiLoginManager which provides methods to manage logins.  PasswordManager.js seems to be leveraging on this interface to remove the logins. But there are other parts of the code that I couldn’t really understand the purpose.

Instead, I tried to directly make use of the nsiLoginManager interface. It seemed to be able to delete the passwords saved. What I am trying to do is to use the findLogins() method to find the related logins saved for this webpage that is being visited, and then delete using the removeLogin() method.

I am having difficulty in using the findLogins() to retrieve the password. The arguments needed to search for the logins are ‘hostname’, ‘formSubmitURL’ and ‘httpRealm’. As I am currently only working on logins obtained from HTML form, so httpRealm can be set to null. I haven’t been able to retrieve the hostname of the webpage. Tried ‘document.URL’ and ‘window.location’ and they don’t seem to work. As for the formSubmitURL, I tried using ‘document.popupNode.form.action’ but it returns a full path of the form which is different with what is required.

Lastly, I am not very sure whether using the interface directly would introduce bugs or break other parts of the code. If anyone has any idea, please feel free to let me know.


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